My name is  Paul. I’m a husband, father and someone who’s hoping to add a little value to your life with a take on self development which is more appealing and entertaining than the norm.

To say that there was an ah ha moment or the flick of a switch would be a lie. For me the process of living or aiming to live, a more deliberate and conscious life was a gradual process and one that developed over time. I’ve always had an interest in well-being, personal growth and the human spirit and this led naturally to a degree in psychology and a post grad in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. The more I read, the more I learned of the importance in deciding the course of my life. Like many people, I’d imagine, I’m pretty bored of the half arsed attempts at progression, be it getting fit, better at golf (still ridiculously bad after one year) or becoming a more enlightened, as they say – a Yoda-esk individual.

I don’t see the point in living a life determined by others, be it your friend (not a good one at that), your boss or the system in general…blame it on the man! And also to that point I don’t see a reason for any of us to settle for an ordinary existence, instead we must go after what we want and deserve.

Too many of us, this lemming included, wonder aimlessly through life allowing it to happen, rather than making it happen. For me the realisation of a need to take control of my own life and its outcomes finally set in, albeit better late than never. And once that flame has been lit, it’s a difficult one to extinguish. I want to know that whatever happens in my life, be it a positive or a negative, the results were because of my decisions, no one else. Although I may still look to blame others when I make a balls of things (I allow this occasionally).

There’s going to be ups and downs and I will fall off that wagon, but I will also pick myself up, dust myself down and try again. Inconsistency is part of life and it’s about the will to continue striving towards what you believe in or what you desire. I believe as long as our intentions are good and we do what is right we will inch closer and closer to our goal. But that said, it’s not necessarily about reaching the goal, but the process involved in getting there. In quite a sadistic fashion, it’s often of benefit to move the proverbial goal posts, keeping that goal just out of reach and pushing for constant improvement in our lives. In this sense I aim to torture the ass off myself, but also allow the occasional win to keep my fragile ego intact.

In creating this blog, I aim to establish a community of like-minded individuals seeking to improve their lives and who believe in the same values including personal growth, living with intent, compassion and well-being. These are the topics which I will write about. To make it all as easy as possible, and lets face it we don’t like things to be complicated, I’ll include ‘The 1,2,3’s of it all‘ at the end of each essay. Three easy to remember bullet points of the most important information discussed that will help you on your way.